Product Gallery

Krishna E Rickshaw and E Loader models gives you wide range of selection according to your need. Here are some highlights of our products combined in a gallery. Since 2012, Krishna E-Rickshaw is keep on improving with its design, built quality, mechanism and technology. Today Krishna E-Rickshaw is most popular brand among those buyers who are looking for a durable product. E Rickshaw kit and E rickshaw ICAT approved spare parts are available at very reasonable cost. 

We support start-ups and EV industry aspirants by giving them vital information, tutorial, spare parts, E Rickshaw chassis, E Loader chassis, Customized vehicle and proper guidance. E Rickshaw manufacturers in Delhi and all over India are most welcome to collaborate with us to grow their business by selling top quality E Rickshaw and E Loader. E Rickshaw dealers and E Loader dealers are required for many cities where Electric vehicles are yet to be known.  

Krishna E Rickshaw has a regular model (deluxe) and a stainless steel model (Super Deluxe). Krishna E Loader has many models including Deluxe (600Kgs), Super Deluxe (800-1000Kgs), Closed Body, Vegetable cart, Garbage dumper, School Van e-cart, Super Loader (5-wheel) and hydraulic tipper. For any customization, Krishna E-Rickshaw has a separate technical team to understand the customer’s requirements and meet them.

Krishna Passenger E-Rickshaw; Regular and Steel model

Krishna Loader E-cart; All models

ICAT approved spare parts

Advantages of taking Krishna E-Rickshaw dealership

  • Fastest delivery time
  • Professional 
  • Durable products
  • Easy to order
  • Minimum terms & conditions
  • Safe packaging
  • Customer and after sales support
  • Most number of models of E-Rickshaw and E-Loader
  • Transparent dealing
  • Approved by Govt. of India
  • Approved by all states
  • CIRT/ARAI, MSME, ISO certified company
  • EV Industry leader since 2012